Wellness World

Wellness World

Wellness World was our first client/customer.

We we were not even a company back then. We were just a single person who was interested in building something.

Our first demo was a single html page with a broken login. It then evolved into a secure login. It then evolved to a video conference website with Jitsi embedded. Then we realized it was of no use to embed a video conference on our own when other large competitors were doing it for free or a premium.

We then switched our focus to a User Management system. Where users who logged in could get a Video Conference link, be it Zoom or GMeet or any other alternative.

The User Management system has grown so big that now automated mailers as well as validity and expiry of subscriptions along with Payment Gateway are included.

We will forever be thankful for Wellness World for giving us this opportunity.

Wellness World helps people lose weight, get fit and lead a healthy and happy life.

We would recommend all users of ANT Developers to use their services. In fact the founder’s parents both lost 23 Kgs and 14 Kgs each. And are leading a healthy active life after changing their lifestyle and habits. They have also come out of diabetes and blood pressure concerns by the use of their service.

It was a privilege working with you. Thank you Gopi Sir, Thank you Rashmi Mam.

Visit Wellness World here.