Augmented Reality

What is Augmented Reality?

Any experience which augments or adds to the living reality is called Augmented Reality. It can be an object, it can be a marker or a sticker. It can also be a sound. The advantage of Augmented Reality is that we can create amazing non existent environments with the use of the current technology.


Assuming you have this website opened on your laptop/PC, scan the below QR Code using your Camera/QR Code Scanner in a mobile phone. Click on the URL generated and scan the QR code again after accepting camera permissions and see the magic.

AR Box

What do we do?

We build Augmented Reality Apps for Businesses. We build E Commerce AR Apps for Furniture Businesses, portfolio apps for Home Decor/Interior Designers. We do all things Augmented Reality.

About Us

ANT Developers specializes in Augmented Reality. We started in 2020. We create Augmented Reality Mobile Apps. Augmented reality is the future of the tech world. If you are a Small/Medium Business and want an Augmented Reality App for your business, we can help.

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